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Updated: May 29, 2020

One of the BEST & EFFECTIVE toner out there.
One of the best toner for all skin types.
THE Multifunction toner to your skin care regimen.

What is Beauty Water?

Beauty Water is a multi task product, it is a water based toner which has multiple benefits for your skin! It helps balancing your pH, mildly exfoliate your skin, helps brightening and softening your skin while it could also help with hydration! A little goes a long way with this product.

It could be use in multiple ways:

  • Makeup removal

  • Toner

  • Mild exfoliator

  • Skin freshener

How to make the most of it:

  • Pour it into a spray bottle ( you'll get best usage out of it)

  • Spray onto a cotton pad, wipe lightly with upwards motions after cleansing.

  • Spray it anytime throughout your day if need to freshen up.

  • Spray it before your makeup application.


I want to give you a little insight on how I started to vouch for this Beauty Water & my opionion on why toner could be usefu most of the timel. Innially I found Beauty Water on SokoGlam. I like it because it's mild enough for me but at the same time does its job of refreshing your skin.


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