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Hydrating Secret For Your Facials!

Updated: May 29, 2020

An effective and convenient way for you to Hydrate your Skin Immediately!!
24K Gold Algae Mask!
Gold Algae Mask Featured On KCTV5 (Better Kansas City)

Hydrating Secrets From Natural Active Ingredients.

Let’s talk Algae Peel-Off Facial Mask!!

These masks are formulated with ALGAE extracts using the latest technology in NATURAL ACTIVE INGREDIENTS; Algae peel-off masks offers multiple advance solutions for different skin conditions.
These masks hep improve the facial treatment results, providing the skin with the optimal moisture level.
They promote lymphatic drainage, avoid liquid retention, and diminish eye bags. The cooling effect of the masks provide muscle contractions which help with firmness and smoothness, giving a lifting effect.
They’re also designed to stay on your skin for 15-20 minutes at a time, which enhance the penetration of the previously applied serums.


I first discovered these masks on Social Media before I even became an esthetician.

My first impression of them was they're cool and different however they seem ( lack of a better word ) suffercating.. Given the fact that they "looked" different than other masks out there, I thought this was JUST another trend.

I made it my mission to try them out. Finding a place that offers this mask in Kansas City wasn't easy! After I became an esthetician I finally got the chance to use this mask. However, being a claustrophobic, I was very skeptical at first.

My first thought when I felt the mask on my skin was "Wow,its cold!"

My second thought was "eek, it's wet.. not a fan.." (I'm going to admit I also freaked out the first few seconds).

My third thought was "with this much activity, this mask better do my skin justice!"

Little did I know, my skin was transformed!

Here's a some information on my skin so you can get an idea what this mask has done for me! I have combination-oily skin type, my pores are hypersensitive to alot of ingredients out there, which also means they get clogged and irritate easily (in another word, my skin is picky!) If and when I use a product isn't 'fitting' to my skin's liking, it'll signal out loud! Yes! I get immediate red bumps/breakouts within minutes! After leaving the mask on for 15 minutes, my pores seemed like they disappeared which was just an icing on the cake. The true benefits here was my skin's moistured level was at it's peak! My skin tone also improved, I could see and feel the freshness of my skin!

SO, here's the formula:

Everything you feel, see, and experience with this mask has it's own purpose. This is one of the most well design mask out there in the market for all skin types and skin concerns ( in my opinion.)

Okay! Let's get into depth of what this mask consist of and why I made it Cosmè's signature mask! These masks comes in individual packages allowing themselves to stay fresh for each use. The "Wetness" was providing intense hydration + "coldness" was to promote stimulation + 15 minutes to penetrate applied serums = together they solidify to firm, tone, and hydrate the skin! On top of all those benefits, all the visible ingredients you see helps targets the concerns in your skin!

Now you might wonder why I made these masks Cosmè's signature. I created Cosmè Beauty with the motto of "bringing you the newest beauty trends and solutions, then inspire and share." Intially I wanted to bring these masks in to my treatment room so my clients can experience something different than what's out there. However, these masks as you can image have brought so much benifits, therefore it was an easy decision to incorporate them into my facial treatments!

As always my goal is to connect with you all, don't forget to follow My Skin Care journey!


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